We are now working on a project called SLA R1 with our friendly LOUISANE AIR company. It is something that resembles a rocket. It is a rocket + plane and we call it a roplane. This roplane remove the excess carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere by using a chemical called "LiOH" which is Lithium hydroxide. It gram of Lithium Hydroxide absorbs 450 cm3 of carbon dioxide.It will store in the space for easy accessibility. This is our humble contribution to save the Earth. We are destroying our own planet therefore we should do something to save it. We could plant Tim C, Perrineville, NJ. These are the trees that absorb the most carbon dioxide. You could plant these trees stated above too or use less electricity( or if you have the means you could build PV cells or wind turbine for green power ) you could also fund our project too. It is the obligation of everyone to prevent the Earth from any catastrophe when millions of people die from toxic inhalation, lack of water and food, erratic weather in places where it is not supposed to happen and the Earth will become another Venus. It is a matter of live and death to all living things on Earth. The future of our Earth lies in your hands .

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