Glutton Project is an innovation created by IGA in the mid 2012. Glutton is a liquified food that allow lazy people, babies or patients who can't chew to drink. It contain more nutrition than normal meal. Below is a picture of Glutton I which contains mainly chocolate, potatoes and vegetable oil. Glutton I contain almost no nutrition except energy such as carbohydrate and fats. It definitely taste gross.

Glutton I in a test tube

Glutton II however, contain real fruit juice which provide most of the nutrition in it and it is lot tasty than chemical flavoured drinks. It is uses some mycoprotein as a source of protein without killing any animals. However, it causes allergic reactions to 1 out of 140 000 people. But 70 of the 140 000 people are allergic to peanuts therefore the percentage is very low [ 0.0000071428571% ]. Glutton uses fruits and plants to make glucose as energy source therefore, Glutton can provide you with better amount of nutrition than your normal meals without even hurting any animals. Thats is important as the population of animals are decreasing at fastest rate then ever before there will be one point where we have nothing left to eat and that day is near [before 2100]. It is healthier than normal meal so throw away your baby food which often messing your house why not use Glutton II as milk put in a bottle for babies to drink without worrying about food flying all over your house. Glutton II is good for hospital patients too or whoever can't chew properly just open and drink like water thats all you need for a meal. Glutton II is still in developing progress subscribe to our channel to fund our projects.

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