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Join MBC = Play Game + $$$
International Group of Anthony on 06/15/2017 at 10:45am (UTC)

The International Group of Anthony is looking for personnel between 13 and 17 to join Monster Broadcasting Channel and earn commission by playing games with us! T&C apply. Join now at

Once we grown large enough, you could be an official member and earn $1000 per month! So help us grow now, besides, there's no harm for playing with us. Register for official member at

NOTE: There is currently only 16 positions for Official Members, you may not register as an Official Member after all positions are occupied.

MBC Subscription + IGA Visionary = Awesomeness!
International Group of Anthony on 05/21/2017 at 5:25am (UTC)
 The MBC Subscription Now Merged With IGA Visionary! Check out the awesomeness on NOW!

Up Coming Event: Exclusive Monster Broadcasting Channel Movie
International Group of Anthony on 01/25/2017 at 6:38am (UTC)
 Greetings, IGA department MBC has been developing a movie for the New Year. The computer will choose 20 lucky winners to have the movie for only US$ 3.99! [Originally $ 23.99]

How To Qualified For This?

  1. Subscribe us at YouTube here. Then post with your Twitch or Gamewisp username on Discussion.

  2. Follow us at Facebook here. Then post with your Twitch or Gamewisp username on our timeline.

  3. [OPTIONAL] Create an account at IGA Store here. Using your Twitch or Gamewisp username.

  4. Follow us on Twitch at here.

  5. You're Qualified!!!

How To Participate?

  1. On 1 March 2017

  2. Go to MBC Twitch channel at here.

  3. Watch a MBC broadcast at the time and win the giveaway.

  4. If you won the giveaway which will be shown publicly, a member of MBC will send you a message shortly.

  5. Subscribe to Bronze Sub at here before 3 March 2017.

  6. Receive a message from MBC containing link to the movie.

  7. Enjoy your MBC Original Full Length Movie!!!

Great news
International Group of Anthony on 03/30/2015 at 8:49am (UTC)
 IGA Library are conducting a new competition with exciting prizes! Just sent us a story and get the chance to publish your story on iBooks to earn cash and 6 months free web hosting service. Process to IGA Library now!

I G A Kids
International Group of Anthony on 02/04/2015 at 12:41pm (UTC)
 IGA Kids web page has just started check it up at thanks for watching.




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