These are the links to other websites. Those websites belong to IGA and most of them are whether Abandoned, Building in progress or Unpublished due to financial problem.

The links are sorted alphabetically

Design by Humans StoreWhere we sell some merchandise.09/23/2016 3:10pm (UTC)111 Clicks
IGA Art DepartmentA department of IGA which in charge of the arts of IGA.05/18/2015 9:04am (UTC)136 Clicks
IGA KidsA department of IGA which teach kids through playing games. [Building in progress]05/18/2015 9:19am (UTC)136 Clicks
IGA LibraryA department of IGA which provide free reading materials of IGA. [Building in progress]05/18/2015 9:22am (UTC)110 Clicks
IGA Online StoreWhere you can buy product of IGA09/23/2016 2:47pm (UTC)105 Clicks
IGA Server Site 2A site where we store our online forms.09/23/2016 2:48pm (UTC)101 Clicks
International Group of Anthony Aerial ForcesOfficial military forces of IGA10/24/2016 1:17pm (UTC)97 Clicks
Monster Buster ClubA department of IGA09/23/2016 2:49pm (UTC)99 Clicks
Radio BroadcastMonster Broadcasting Channel audio broadcast09/23/2016 3:38pm (UTC)94 Clicks
TwitchMonster Broadcasting Channel live stream09/23/2016 3:37pm (UTC)121 Clicks




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